Over-reaction is just a slushie away!

We had a good break full of rest, movies and good food. We went for walks. We napped. Like I said, good times.

IMG_20150212_114414_editWe had some heart-warming moments (opening the gratitude jar and reading our notes from the last year) – followed by heart-breaking moments (me landing the edge of the jar on the edge of my mobile screen and crunching it. Fer realsies.)

We had some entertaining moments – Husband and I were watching TV one evening when the air took on slightly charred tone, followed by DD hollering, “Don’t worry, it’s under control!”


“Just set some of my hair on fire, it’s all good, I’ve put it out.”


DD knows the kind of parents we are, so she allowed us 24 hours to get all our fiery puns and cracks out of the way. Best kid ever.

And then we finished our lazy holiday watching other people expend energy playing ice hockey. DD & Husband disappeared during intermission to get snacks, and reappeared before the second period started. Halfway through the second period, DD asked me about a play and I turned to answer her. My heart stopped because her lips were a greyish-blue. In those brief seconds, my brain tumbled over “she’s-too-cold” to “she’s-not-breathing” to “how-did-I-miss” this. Sweet heavens, I thought we were past the cyanosis! I clutched Husband’s arm in a death grip, yanking him to look at her …. slurping on a lurid neon-blue slushie. Wretched child was slurping on a slushie while I aged another seven years in seven seconds.


“Because they don’t serve tequila to minors, Ma.”



Yeah, I love her an’all, but I’m really grateful she’s back at school this week!

6 thoughts on “Over-reaction is just a slushie away!

      1. Whoa. How did that happen? Spark from the hair dryer or something? I’ve got a super thick head of hair, too, but I’m pretty sure I’d still be in meltdown mode days later.


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