Attitude of Gratitude

I watched this amazing TED talk the other day. (I’m grateful for the time I have these days to actually catch up and watch all the TED talks I save.)

I’m revelling in the time I have off this year. Last-Year-Me would have been panicking that I didn’t have the next contract lined up, didn’t have a plan, a timeline … you get the idea. I pride myself on being able to multi-task, functioning on 5 hours of sleep & coffee, being super-mum/wife/consultant. But I have no idea where this need comes from! Sometime over Christmas, little things my daughter said made me realise I had missed out on so much with her, with my friends, with life in general. It actually took my breath away. So it was a conscious choice to stop.


I’ve started this year with a clean slate, an open mind and a Pinterest board full of ideas. I’m reading, and learning, and connecting with new people and more importantly, reconnecting with the people that have sustained me so far. I am grateful they didn’t give up on me!


I choose happiness. Even when it’s hard. Even when I feel I don’t deserve it. Because I do.

I’m so grateful for my husband, who took on being super-dad for the latter half of last year, for not once judging my choices, but letting me work through them, and more importantly, for being willing to walk out in the pouring rain & cold, because I want a Snickers bar at 10pm (it’s got nuts, it’s healthy).

child gratitude

For my amazing daughter, whose little kindnesses & words build me up every day, for thinking I am the best mother ever, because I am actively present in her life again

I am going to put all these thoughts into a gratitude jar (IKEA’s finest, re-purposed). I’m forward-thinking; I anticipate I will have enough to be grateful about this year to fill the jar.


My gratitude jar, just waiting for my notes…

3 thoughts on “Attitude of Gratitude

  1. jmurphynd says:

    My goal for this year is RELAX. And it’s actually so so hard. I’m trying to shift things up in my job world too…..and I’m trying to take time to let things fall into place without forcing them. It’s SO hard for a doer. Just trying to be grateful for every day, every relaxed moment and see where things land, you know?

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    • Petal&Mortar says:

      It’s also stepping away from the feeling that we should always be ‘doing’ something productive, contributing in some way. It’s uncomfortable for me not to be constantly on the go, but I am sane & not panicked. It’s a huge shift in the right direction.


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