Lend Me Your Ear

Today was the first day back at school. Exciting times! DD started Year 5. Year 5, people! Never mind that she’s still wearing AGE 5 clothing. Yes, the skirts are precariously short but the waist is just right 😀

We had an interesting chat on the way to school. DD has been aggressively campaigning to get her ears pierced. Husband and I have been dragging our heels. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know why! Because we’re party poopers?

With her favourite clip-on baubles

We decided when she was a baby that we weren’t going to pierce her ears without her consent, and now that she’s asking for it, we’re baulking. I don’t know if it’s just the implication that she’s growing up, or that part of me thinks it’s mutilating her (yes, I know I’m a hypocrite with my multiple ear piercings and tattoos, but hush!).

I thought stopping by the store where they do piercings and chatting with the piercer (is that a word?) would maybe put the fear into her, but no. I thought magnifying the pain and likening it to her recent earache would throw her off, but no. Baby Girl is hell bent on getting holes in her head!

I aired my concerns at the office today, expecting some support. What I got were horror stories of ears being pierced with needles, safety pins…and even a paper clip! They couldn’t understand why I was reluctant to take her to a licensed professional in a hygienic environment. When I type it out, I’m questioning me, too.

Despite our dithering, DD has saved up her pennies & pounds and she’s prepping her case to present to her father. I wish her luck as he is a terrifying interrogator on a good day. 

But her most compelling rebuttal so far has been:

“If you say I’m in control of my body, and I get to decide, then why are you making me justify this choice?”

Aaaaaargh. I have no come back. None! Have you? Am I just making a mountain out of a rite-of-passage molehill?

12 thoughts on “Lend Me Your Ear

  1. I say let her do it, but make it a caveat that she only get her ears pierced until she’s say… 16. Once she’s 16, then she can get her nose (or whatever) pierced. Why the caveat? Because ear piercings are easy to take care of and so long as she’s a kid, you as the guardian can see her ear piercings and know if they’re getting infected. I thought my kids would go hog wild once they were “old enough” to get the others but they didn’t.


  2. I think my daughters were both around her age when they got their ears pierced. We made it a special day and there was no major fall-out afterwards:). Enjoy these moments.


  3. Goodness. With Sissy we went through so much drama about it, and her saying she wanted to and then backing out — more than three times, once with her auntie, even. Then the infections. We took Sassy and Moo in as babies. No regrets. They seldom wear earrings but at least we didn’t have any drama! Sometimes Sassy says she wants another piercing in her ear and I just tell her she’ll need to save her money for the day we happen to be at the mall. lol

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  4. I did pierce my own ears with needle thread and ice cubes. Luckily they were okay. I became (in another career life ) an ear piercer and did my daughter’s ears when they were 5 years old. All turned out well. Personal choices for all. Oh I did get the belt on my butt when my parents found out I had done my own ears

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  5. Smart girl, hard to argue with that!

    We are doing the same with our Baby Girl–no first birthday ear piercing! We’ll talk about it when she’s much older. It might help that her mama rarely wears jewelry, let alone earrings.

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  6. I remember this battle. My mom made a chart–essentially a dot-to-dot of the word “earrings”–and when I did something good she would connect another dot. It was a good incentive.

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  7. This is no big deal, getting the ears pierced is like a pinprick. Its better done now than later.
    She would look cute with gold rings dangling in her ears. Its any day better than those heavy studs which can be painful too.


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