Too damn close to home…

wtfY’all are used to me updating the blog or Twitter with “I’m safe, nowhere near the attack/bomb/insert London incident here”.

Not today. Not effing today. Today, I am smack in the middle of crazy central. But outside the cordon that has my daughter’s school in lockdown. Yes, my baby girl got to school just in time. Some of her friends were not so lucky. There were cuts and scrapes in the stampede to get off the train and out of the station. There were girls stuck in trains behind. Girls walking on tracks, once the power was cut.

And I have spent the best part of today, guts churning, trying to be helpful. Positive. Forward-planning. Reaching out to other parents. But DD’s school is coming out of lockdown and I am going to run up that road to collect her and try not to weep. I am going to hold her and cuddle her and kiss her until she begs for mercy.

And like every other parent at the school, I am going to have to muster the courage to send her off to school again on Monday.

Wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “Too damn close to home…

  1. Oh I am so sorry you are going through this and especially with DD! I cannot even imagine your emotions right now. It’s one thing when it’s your city, a completely different thing when it’s your child or friends of your child. Sending lots of positive thoughts and love your way! Stay strong!!

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  2. Yikes! This is too close. Sorry to hear that DD has been caught up in this – it’s a terrible thing and we must remain strong and defiant. Chief played ‘dodge the bomb’ several times when the IRA were attacking London but was always just after or just before where it happened but then there were all those poor people who weren’t as lucky as him – keep strong!

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