Over-reaction is just a slushie away!

We had a good break full of rest, movies and good food. We went for walks. We napped. Like I said, good times. We had some heart-warming moments (opening the gratitude jar and reading our notes from the last year) – followed by heart-breaking moments (me landing the edge of the jar on the edge of my mobile screen and crunching it. Fer realsies.) We … Continue reading Over-reaction is just a slushie away!

24 December in Brussels

I struggled with the title. I really couldn’t think of a good one to encapsulate everything I wanted to write about. I’m typing on my phone. Ah, the wonders of modern technology and ubiquitous free WiFi. My husband snores indelicately next to me and DD is sitting on her bed watching The Big Bang theory, also courtesy of free and fast WiFi. We are tuckered … Continue reading 24 December in Brussels

Motherhood with PTSD

This post is┬álong overdue. Possibly because it will dredge up so many emotions & feelings that I have battled hard to contain & compartmentalise. But the emergence of many articles and posts on the same topic in the last few weeks have made me realise that there are other mothers out there who may benefit from reading this. The Beginning I had the most perfect … Continue reading Motherhood with PTSD