My daughter’s father

Image032I’ve been lucky to have a great dad, someone who set the bar very high, so anyone that chose to be with me forever was going to have to be pretty amazing, too. When I met my handsome fella, I knew two things in my bones: I was never going to break up with him, and he was going to be a fantastic father.

“I’ve only got eyes for you!”

He spent the entire afternoon today, helping our daughter craft her comic book characters, then load them into Inkscape, and then help her load them onto her blog. All because this was important to her. She is important to him, and she knows it.

IMG_20140531_175644_editThey have mini-adventures, often gone for hours at a time, usually returning covered in dust & dirt. They hang out in museums, sketching. They rough & tumble at the park. They love each other endlessly, with all the happiness & conflict that entails. 

They drive each other crazy, with heated cries of “He started it” and “She started it”….

but honestly, I wonder if my two loves realise how similar they really are?!


11 thoughts on “My daughter’s father

  1. Decided to pop around your blog while visiting from the recipe mayhem and came upon this beautiful post. And with tears in my eyes, “Do you serve tissue with your posts?” I say that the pictures you have chosen are worth a thousand words. There is just nothing like a good daddy with his kiddos kind of pic. **sniff sniff**

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