Moving for churros

Back in February, I posted this photo. We didn’t publicise that we were scoping out Madrid for our next home base. There were many variables in the mix, not least, our jobs. What we didn’t realise was that we’d all fall in love with the city, as quickly or as unanimously as we did. So from that moment on, it was all engines GO!

Husband always likes to say we’re adventurers and we are, but the older DD gets, the less I want to disrupt her unnecessarily. But Brexit and all its ugliness and political upheaval made sticking around in the UK really unpalatable.

So we checked out schools, and checked out neighbourhoods, and crossed our fingers, and leapt. With the support of incredible friends and employers, and one kick-a$$ relocation agent, we made this become a reality.

It means that DD and I will be in Madrid, and Husband will be commuting back and forth, but we’re making it happen. I’m excited. Less anxious than I thought I would be. Less needing to be in control than I thought I would be. Totally one with Marie Kondo and shedding everything that hasn’t been used in 6 years. Or ever. Or isn’t needed. The charity shops around us have been regularly supplied as we’ve cleared and culled. The neighbours have taken the rest.

We’re as ready as we’ll ever be. The moving truck arrives on Monday and it’s 2 weeks till it gets to the other side. In between, we eat off paper plates, sleep on camp beds, and get used to blistering sunshine and temperatures way out of our comfort zones. I can’t wait!

Watch this space!

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