Precious mornings

cuddlesI’m taking the chance in the quiet of this morning to admire my newest wrinkles, when a freshly-woken, rumpled little person tugs my hand and pulls me back to my bedroom. Wordlessly, she motions I should return to bed. I am quickly joined by her warmth, which curves itself into my body, nuzzling her way under my chin. I am chronically aware that these moments with her, just breathing, although a daily occurrence, can be rescinded at any moment now.

“Are you always going to want to cuddle?”


“Even when you’re 14 and possibly taller than me?”

“Will you still be my mother?”


“Well, then, yes, I’ll still want to cuddle.”

Please let these words be true.

14 thoughts on “Precious mornings

  1. As my girls tell me, they will always be my babies, even when they are trying to push away in the teen years. My daughter used to tell me she just wanted to crawl up onto my lap and be a little girl again. She still does sometimes. Enjoy those precious moments.

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  2. Totally precious.
    12 is my size, and still loves to cuddle. She lay between us for a long time Sunday night, although she fit better when she was smaller…
    20 cuddled until about 17…Over time it was less and less, and I suppose the last 10 cuddles had me wondering if it was the last cuddle, cause really, you never can tell.
    The boy is not cuddly, but at 22, he does still like a back scratch.

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  3. Cheeky Chap is a cuddler too, he often stops what he is doing to tell me he loves me or to ask for hug. Like you, I hope those moments never stop.

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