Fingerless Mitts

420293_3481504475751_75674051_nIt was bitterly cold this morning, and these seemed like the perfect antidote! These knit up very quickly to a medium sized mitten for the average lady. Really, honestly, truly – this is a good beginner’s project.

Materials needed: 50g ball yarn, 4mm needles, needle

Instructions for left mitt (click on highlighted terms for YouTube tutorials):

  1. Cast on 40 sts
  2. Work double rib (K2, P2) for the cuff – you will need to measure the person for whom you are knitting! If you are doing this for a small child, a single rib might work better.
  3. Knit the next row and continue in stocking stitch (aka stokinette stitch) for 4cm, ending at the beginning of a knit row.


  1. Knit 14sts, make 1st, K3, make 1 and K23 sts to end (42sts total)
  2. Purl 1 row
  3. Knit 14sts, make 1st, K5, make 1 and K23 sts to end (44sts total)
  4. Purl 1 row
  5. Knit 14sts, make 1st, K7, make 1 and K23 sts to end (46sts total)
  6. Purl 1 row
  7. Knit 14sts, make 1st, K9, make 1 and K23 sts to end (48sts total)
  8. Purl 1 row
  9. Knit 14sts, make 1st, K11, make 1 and K23 sts to end (50sts total)
  10. Purl 1 row
  11. Knit 14sts, make 1st, K13, make 1 and K23 sts to end (52sts total)
  12. Purl 1 row
  13. K14, cast off 16sts and knit to end (casting off tidies up the top of the thumb hole; I cheat and do this with a crochet hook!)
  14. Purl across the 36sts you have left.
  15. Continue in stocking stitch until you have the length you desire.
  16. Finish with 4 rows of K2, P2 and cast off in rib stitch.
  17. Sew the ends together from the outside (right sides facing out).

Reverse these instructions for the right mitt.

Let loose here....

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