Au revoir, Wonder Woman

There are so many challenges to being an immigrant, a stranger in a strange land. The usual things like language, culture, little local quirks. The big things, like being away from family and friends. Especially today. Because today, I got confirmation that a dear friend who has been battling breast cancer and all its metastatic glory for over 6 years, has to finally call it … Continue reading Au revoir, Wonder Woman

Just as Long as we’re Together

Most of you know that my Breton Bestie has been re-patriated to France last week. There was a tearful farewell on four sides (BB’s daughter is DD’s bestie). But the first moment that it really sunk in was when I had to put down an emergency contact a few days later for DD, and automatically put down Breton Bestie’s name. Which I then had to … Continue reading Just as Long as we’re Together