Back to Basics, or recovering from PTSD

When every day is a dance between hypervigilance, constant alertness, feeling jumpy, irritation & insomnia, committing to the basics and mastering the fundamentals of recovery can be hard.  Nine years on, I still wait for the watershed that I believe is coming, that magical moment when I will be healed and whole. But it’s the hidden power of small choices, daily habits, and repeated actions that I … Continue reading Back to Basics, or recovering from PTSD

Cardiac Arrest Mac and Cheese

Face it people, it’s freezing out there, and I need some full-fat, artery-clogging comfort food today! This recipe is a celebration of some of the fine English cheeses available. I’ve adapted the recipe from The Smith Restaurant & Bar in NYC (if you want to try the original, click on the photo, also from their website) Serves 8-ish, prep takes 30 minutes, baking takes 25 minutes Ingredients … Continue reading Cardiac Arrest Mac and Cheese