Mama Files

Motherhood with a side of PTSD, a smidge of anxiety & a dash of panic

  1. Communicating with my daughter
  2. The Baby Debate
  3. Motherhood with PTSD
  4. Back to Basics: PTSD recovery
  5. Tides of March: un-committing myself and calming down
  6. Colour therapy? (practising new habits, not sweating the small stuff)
  7. London in Motion, trigger-central
  8. Rage is my superpower
  9. Social Phobia
  10. Whelmed Wednesday
  11. Thinking Thursday: home school entertainment
  12. Bullying: the tween years
  13. Breathe Deep & Act Normal
  14. Happiness is…
  15. Caffeine-free coffee share: cluster headaches, an interview & Jon Snow
  16. Performance Anxiety
  17. Caffeine-free coffee share #2: coeliac disease, Vit D deficiency & neurobiology
  18. Precious Mornings
  19. I got the job!
  20. Adjusting Focus
  21. Re-Adjusting Focus: stopping the panic spiral
  22. Caffeine-Free Coffee Share #3: fruity mocktails, slow fashion & the beach body 
  23. Caffeine-Free Coffee Share #4: cold brew tea, the new job & hip issues
  24. Caffeine-Free Coffee Share #5: a sombre, sunburnt Fourth of July in London
  25. Feels like Friday
  26. Raising Tweens
  27. Ageing Gracelessly
  28. Flashbacks & Clarity
  29. Happy Holidays
  30. God Save the Queen
  31. Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!
  32. Weekdays are exhausting, and weekends are exhausting!
  33. Learning to parent, emergency-room style!

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