Au revoir, Wonder Woman

There are so many challenges to being an immigrant, a stranger in a strange land. The usual things like language, culture, little local quirks. The big things, like being away from family and friends.

Especially today. Because today, I got confirmation that a dear friend who has been battling breast cancer and all its metastatic glory for over 6 years, has to finally call it a day. She’s in London. Most of her friends are not. Neither is her family. Because she, too, is an immigrant. So we’ve relied on WhatsApp and FB Messenger and text messages to stay in touch, find out what’s going on, coordinate a visiting schedule, and vent.

DD had to shepherd me home when I started sobbing by the pool. There should have been thunderclouds and rain, not a clear blue sky and brilliant sunshine. Half of me wants to fly back this weekend (have to wait for husband to fly out to look after DD) and the other half of me doesn’t want to say goodbye. I don’t want to see her in pain, hopped up on morphine. I want to remember her as the bad-ass, joyous, vibrant, colour-bomb she was before this wretched disease got its claws in her. I’m just not ready to say goodbye. Just au revoir.

So here’s to you, my Wonder Woman, I raise a glass of prosecco to you. This is a total shitshow and you have ridden it out like a boss. If all of us on the WhatsApp chat could take your pain for you, we would. It’s OK to let go now. There’s not a chance you will ever be forgotten.

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