What a week…

I’ve been quiet, mostly because I’m in shock. I can’t even understand the world we live in any more. Children being gunned down in schools. Children being abused and violated by people from charities and NGOs who are supposed to help them. It makes me want to scream, a high-pitched, keening, ear-drum shattering scream.

wtfNews of the Florida school shooting, more than any other, hit me harder because it triggered memories of the Tube attack last September, and how it affected DD and her friends. And while I accept, as most Londoners do, that we live in challenging times and face more danger than the average person would outside London, or perhaps any other major global city, I also expect my child to be 100% safe at school. After the Parsons Green attack, the assigned Metropolitan Police constables were a visible presence at school. If anything, it made the children and parents MORE jumpy, not less. We didn’t want to see a police presence.

It makes us nervous when we see the special police out with their guns. We’re used to seeing them at Buckingham Palace, or Number 10, or the American embassy. Not out and about. Guns are not our normal. They are treated as deadly weapons, and only specially trained officers are allowed to wield them. The AR-15 is a deadly weapon. That it could be bought at Walmart up until 2015, or that it’s relatively easy to buy the pieces to modify it to a fully automatic assault weapon, is beyond mind-boggling to someone like me. I’m not sure what view the authors of Constitution would take today, if they saw how far weapons had evolved.

For now, I’ll hold my daughter close, and re-tweet those who are taking a stand, calling out politicians, the NRA and the American President, to make change happen. Change has to happen!


  1. My son had just asked not one week ago why it is that we couldn’t move back to the US for him to go to high school. And while the reason is multi faceted, this is a big one…I need to know that my kids are safe in school!

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  2. It’s so sad, and then you have all these gun nuts whose first freaking reaction is to talk about how no one is taking their guns and all that crap. Even glimpsing at Facebook makes me want to chuck my computer across the room.

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