God Save the Queen

Clearly, Prince Philip saved his pennies wisely and is now taking a well-deserved break! There have been a lot of mumblings and mutterings about this, with the debate raging on about the Royal family’s value to the UK, but here’s what I know. It’s nice to have the Queen, and Princes William & Harry, and the Duchess of Cambridge to also be the faces of this kingdom, rather than Theresa May and her cronies. Just an outsider’s ha’penny worth 😉

Petal & Mortar

#unionjackClearly, DD isn’t quite up to speed on the British monarchy, based on our conversation today. 

DD: Hey, Ma, how’s my pension plan doing?

Me: It’s doing OK. Obviously, it’ll go up and down based on the markets, but you’ve got at least 50 years to grow it.

DD: And you’re doing your best, right? All the research?

Me: Yes, my love, but why are you so worried? Have you been watching the news?

DD: Yeah. I was watching earlier, and I mean, if the Queen of England has to work over 63 years and she can’t retire, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Me: …

Your Majesty, I promise I will do a better job of educating my child for as long as we liveth in the UK. And Happy Longest Reign!

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