The Middle Ages

Dear Reader, if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you will have seen the luscious red velvet cupcake I posted a few days ago, to mark my turning a year older. Not wiser, or funnier, just older. One year short of I-think-I-might-be-grown-up-now.

Being the research ninja I am, I thought looking into the mid-life information on the interwebs might give me some pointers as to how best to blow through this next stage of life. Boy, was that a bad idea! It’s all insomnia and dipping oestrogen levels and visceral fat around organs and reduced muscle mass and bone loss and depression. Seriously?!

How about joy – I’ve finally got my head together (somewhat!)? Joy that I can share my wisdom (stop snickering!) with my daughter. Joy that I have more in my bank account now, than in my twenties, to buy all the books and drink all the coffee. Joy that I can afford all the nice gel insoles to support my falling arches and depleted knee joints. I’ve still got about thirty years of several careers to try out. Or I could just keep doing what I do, because I do it well. I love being a mentor. I’ve found my rhythm. I’m excited that DD is old enough for us to travel together and enjoy these years before she heads off to live her life.

IMG_20170422_132637_755So while I’m sure my oestrogen levels are going to drop, and I’m going to get crankier, and my widening middle is more down to my age than garment manufacturers ganging up against me, I still think I’ve got more fun to look forward to than behind me.

Like more red velvet cake. Nom nom nom.

9 thoughts on “The Middle Ages

  1. I disagree — You are older yes, but wiser, too, and far more appreciative of cake than you were at your first birthday 😉
    Thanks for the reminder about the visceral fat. I should probably go lift some weights, but there is one slice of carrot cake left.

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  2. Way to go, girl!
    Love the way you are looking forward to sharing your wisdom (and knowledge on many many topics) with DD, and yes – the travelling and fun that you can do/have together. Enjoy every moment that you can. Even the red velvet cake, and the carrot cake that you so love, my dear! These days won’t last ‘forever’ but they will give you beautiful memories to cling on to, for the rest of your life! Ask me. I know!!!


  3. Happy birthday!! For me, my middle ages birthday itself wasn’t so great, but what a fantastic year it ended up being. A lot of self reflection, growth and the realization that we are constantly evolving and improving upon ourselves. Wishing you the happiest of days and a fabulous year ahead!!

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