An Apple A Day…

I went for a health screen the other week. I have a new life insurance plan which encourages me to engage with it; being fit and healthy drives down my premiums. Now given the fact that I live in central London, don’t have a car, and walk or bicycle everywhere, I like to think I’m pretty fit. However, I didn’t reckon with the utterly medieval height-weight-BMI calculation at the health screen.

Ya see, all that walking and biking builds muscle mass, so even though I am the same clothing size I was at 18 (granted, after childbirth, not all the pieces stack together neatly), the computer (and therefore, insurance company) now thinks I’m overweight. So until I get a Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) done, to measure the ratio of fat to lean body mass, that number sticks. It’s on my file. All these years spent focusing on how I feel, how I’m managing my auto-immune condition, my PTSD – all meant nothing in light of that stupid number. But just for a second.

I had a choice: to let that number suddenly define me and erode years of hard work and body love, or reject it for what it is. A number. Just a number. A static snapshot of me on a particular day. I chose not to assign it any value in my life.

1461333_10202047343696158_6242111199162529909_nBecause I define my health by the overall picture – mind and body in tandem. How calm I am. How able I am to deal with stress at work. How long my auto-immune condition stays in remission. How mild the flare ups are. How much sleep I’m getting. How much my hip hurts. And so far, I’m winning. I feel good.

I choose this quote by Anne Lamott over that number every single day!


  1. I agree with you on appreciating our bodies as they are and especially on their good days. We’re the best judge of how well we feel. People with anxiety and immune issues don’t need to stress over charts and numbers. ❤

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  2. BMI test is utterly ridiculous! Some of the most fittest and healthiest sports men and women have a BMI index way too high and some of the RFU players too! Pay no attention and live by that wonderful quote!

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  3. You know what I think? I think you are PERFECT, just PERFECT the way you are! Each one of us is an individual. And, we cannot all be bucketed and labelled together. We need our individuality, for that is what makes us special. And, you have been such a special person to yourself, and to everyone around you. You don’t deserve to be dealing with, or even thinking about, these “numbers”. Even your age is just a number (and so is mine!). Live your precious life to the best of your capabilities. I know you do. Every moment counts.

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