Time to stop doing…

It’s October and we are nearly at the end of all our senior school visits. The last one is this evening and it now means we need to start applying. It has been a whirlwind the last few weeks and DD and I are starting to feel drained.

State school applications have to be in by the 31st. Private school registrations have November deadlines, with first round tests, then second round tests in early January, face-to-face interviews late January, and finally, the offers are made in February. State school offers come out 1st March. Hey all my peeps in the US of A, does this not sound like what we went through to get into university? So why do people in the UK think this is the way to send off 10-11 year olds to the next step of their education?

I spent last week assisting on her class excursions – they were doing a week away from school – and I was exhausted. However, since my daughter didn’t complain, I couldn’t. She kept up with all her extracurricular activities as well, but by Saturday afternoon, she was beat. So we took the rest of the weekend off. We do not have the time to get sick now, if we’re going to stay on schedule!


Having had another crazy start to the week, I’ve done the unthinkable and taken the day off. Well, as OFF as any mother ever does. I’m catching up on emails, Homeland, some reading and trying to keep all my crazy diseases in remission. I am pacing myself so that I can enjoy my time in France with BB later this month.

Today, I’m falling in to autumn, with its promise of jumpers, new boots, mulled drinks and stews (there’s one in the slow cooker). The smell of wood fires in the evenings. Toffee apples at Bonfire night. Knitting projects. Walking in crunchy leaves. I’ve got a full-blown case of the warm and fuzzies now. The niggling greyness is hovering at the edges of my vision, but for now, I’m going to smother it in pumpkin spice.


  1. Mulled drinks and stews sound fabulous! The school thing is crazy! It’s similar here in the NL – they take exams and based on results, you get to go to certain secondary schools which I think is unfair to those kids who may be smart enough to go to certain schools but not good test takers or have learning disabilities (like my kids). It’s good for the “normal” kids. Thankfully we’re in international school but still have to deal with IB – what if my oldest doesn’t get into the IB program when it’s technically his only option here???? Then what do we do? The stress!!!!!!

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    1. The IB program is designed for learners, not testers. So he will probably be fine. I did the IB program 🙂 it’s quite similar to the AP system (I also did some of those). When do they put them forward for the IB program these days? Do they start streaming them freshman year?


      1. He’s in the middle years program which at this school starts at 6th grade (age 12). He’s definitely not a tester and they do a lot of that too! At least in the MYP part of the program. After MYP5 (10th grade) they move on to the diploma (IB) part of the program.

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  2. And I’m just shedding my winter woolies (not that they are very thick in Brisbane) but it has been cold (cough, cough!) Now it’s Spring time ‘asset maintenance’ before getting this body on show.
    Good luck with the secondary school decision – where ever DD is going to be happiest.:)

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    1. That is exactly what we have realised. Where she’s happy and safe is where she’ll learn, and she’s got it down to a great list. She will be fine at any of her choices. Are you doing the 8 week IQS?


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