Is the news really the news?

In July, I wrote about how I couldn’t handle social media with its constant stream of catastrophes. Not much has changed in the last couple of months. Even the Twitter hashtags get taken over with vitriol, and it’s hard to know which way is up when all I want to do is get facts. Information.

wtfIt freaks me out that in response to events in the USA, London has upped its security, which means a massive police presence everywhere. When I’m shopping. When I’m out for lunch. When we’re at the park. I’m not disputing the need for them, but I do hate the reasons for them. It saddens me that we have an emergency plan for when we’re out of the house. That my ten-year-old is aware and always alert when on the move.

How did we get here? What legacy are we leaving our children?


  1. It’s a scary world out there 😦 I still want to go off the grid and live on an island somewhere. Unfortunately the 12 year old vetoed that since there would be no girls (other than his mom)… I suppose the only “silver lining” so to speak is that they’ve known no other life than that of having to be alert so they don’t know what they are missing. I do feel that my kids have more freedoms in the NL than I might have allowed in the US – maybe I just live in a bubble here but it feels safer than it does at home. Or maybe it’s just the media paranoia that gets me at home and not as much here.

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  2. I was just at a teacher conference and was disheartened to see “Is Your School Prepared for an Active Shooter?” offered during every single session period.

    I know the sessions are planned in advance, but it was all the more disheartening since some of my colleagues in attendance teach in Charlotte, NC.

    We may get to the point where we realize schools will always be targets and start arming the teachers like Israel does. However, I also realize that every Israeli teacher has also served in the military, due to their service requirements.

    I just don’t know, and I’m supposed to help my students find the answers. Sigh.

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    1. Where does in loco parentis end? I don’t think I’d be comfortable with armed teachers at all. But this is me coming from countries without guns. But more kids here are running around with knives, so perhaps I have a false sense of security.

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      1. Behind them, generally. They’d also be the best weapon in a zombie apocalypse since one can always fashion more arrows.

        In schools? It would take a serious amount of time to become proficient enough with one to use it defensively.

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  3. Wow, you have an emergency plan? That is pretty amazing as sad as it is too. I don’t watch the news so much anymore. I have one news show I like to watch other than that I try not to. I don’t trust most of the shows anymore…

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