Ginger muffins (gluten free)

Remember DD’s 10th birthday cake experiment? Well, that recipe has been my go-to base for all other cake recipes now. I think it’s because the proportions are so easy to remember and the results are always good. Why mess with success, right?

The other week, I threw in a tablespoon of Nutella and some milk chocolate chips. Gorgeous and gooey, perfect with coffee!

Today, I looked at the jar of chopped crystallised ginger in syrup and thought, Why not? So I chucked in 3 tablespoons to the basic recipe and the results were as hoped – delicious and gone quickly. The batter made 18 muffins, and they took about 13 minutes to turn this colour. When I say muffin, I’m talking European-sized, not American super-sized! 😀


My next experiments are going to involve quick-cook polenta and citrus – I sense an almondy-orangey cake in my future.

If you have a recipe I could play with or tweak, do share! 

Let loose here....

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