Where in the world is…

IMAG0930What can I say? May just blew right by. But I have a gorgeous new nephew. He’s perfect and tiny and seeing DD hold him was just precious. 

I’ve been battling with some raging hives recently, which has also kept me off the radar. I don’t know if they are a side effect of my hideous hayfever, or another symptom of coeliac disease kicking my arse, but I can tell you, I’m fed up. On a good day, my face is sore and dry. On a bad day, which is more frequent, I feel like I’ve burnt my skin and then had the remnants exfoliated. It’s especially agonising around my eyelids, which makes blinking 15,000 times a day a real effing pain. So I’m trying a combination of natural and chemical remedies based on the severity of the symptoms every day. I’m now acutely aware of my face, which is hilarious because I’ve never placed a lot of value on it. The height of make-up for me is mascara AND lipstick, which I definitely can’t wear now – so I’m walking around like the victim of a bad facial, exuding a gentle whiff of antiseptic steroid cream. Dead sexy! 

Given the facial situation, I’ve been staying indoors as much as I can toIMG_20160531_200714 avoid pollen and pollution – bonus time to read a lot more and learn a new craft: crochet! I’m on the simple stitch, straight line game, and feel confident that I will have a lap blanket by this winter, in multi-coloured stripes. Woop! Silver linings and all that.

I’m now waiting for Me Before You to appear in the cinema tomorrow. I loved the book by Jojo Moyes, both laughed and cried through it, and I’m desperately hoping that the movie does it justice. There’s been a media shitstorm around the whole Dignitas issue, and I’m keen to see how the movie tackles it. It’s a divisive topic, but I believe it can be handled well.

And on a really joyful note, the broad beans & sweet peas DD planted have not just survived, but thrived, under my ministrations! The broad beans are still too tiny to eat, but they are growing every day. My toxic thumbs may be a thing of the past, folks!

How about you? Is it spring where you are? How’s your hayfever? What are you reading?







  1. DD looks truly delighted with her new cousin.
    Our vegetables are coming along really well. The rocket and radishes are ready for the table already. The weather lately here has been great for the garden.
    I’m reading A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler and am enjoying it, although I am only about 80 pages in. Plus my first subscription of The Simple Things magazine arrived the other day adn I am loving it too.

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    1. I read the office copy of Vinegar Girl the other day (Anne Tyler). Not the best retelling of Taming of the Shrew, but not the worst either. I might have to try your recommendation.


  2. When I was a kid, I had to have allergy shots. My allergies have gotten better and better every year of my life, so I am grateful.
    I understand what you mean about your face. I have had a couple of rounds of cold sores with swollen lymph nodes that deformed me. It’s when you’re acutely aware of how atrocious you look that you realize what a really good face you had before. It will make you appreciate it when the swelling, burning, and stinging goes down. I have the same issue, wondering if it’s allergies or rosacea at times. I use aloe vera gel now and again, but mostly I use stuff called Blue emu cream (which is like 90% aloe vera.) Same as you, I cannot put ‘stuff’ on my face like other people, but that Blue emu is a good topical anti-inflammatory for me. Takes the sing and itch out. I hope you get some relief soon. Beyond the acid peel look, I think the worst part is either the eyelid pain or the eyebrow itch. I can’t decide. :/

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  3. It’s horrible when you are suffering and you just want to hide away – been there, done that and absolutely understand how miserable it can be. I hope things clear up for you ASAP.
    What a gorgeous little one, luckily I’m now at that stage where I can appreciate a cute baby without none of the broody. It’s most liberating. 😊

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  4. My hay fever finally ended in April with the tree blooms calming down. Sorry it’s been such a pain to you!

    Where has this year gone? Yikes!

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  5. Lovely to read your newsy post and sorry to hear about your hive situation. I had them for the first time last year and think it was the result of a virus caught from the Chief. I can sympathise. Lovely picture of DD and the new addition to your wider family. How was the film? I can’t wait to see it too – bet it won’t be as good as the book. Have you read the follow up, After You? I enjoyed that one too. Good luck with the crochet blanket. I can manage a straight row and that is about it. I look forward to seeing the finished result before the winter!

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    1. I just got After You at the library yesterday, and started it last night. Talk about twist! I will let you know how the movie goes: I’m such a big jessie, and I ugly cry, too. Bad combo.


  6. Congrats on your new nephew!!! DD must be so excited! And so nice that they obviously live somewhat close by (our niece was born last year but alas is 4000 miles away). Quick question – as I’m doing that career transition “thing” and trying to learn some new skills, both professional and personal, one was learning to knit or crochet. Curious where you learned – website, book? And what type of yarn is that? It’s gorgeous! Hope the allergies clear up soon!

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    1. I started with a book and then switched to YouTube videos for crochet. I took a class for knitting. They’re both so relaxing, especially with chunky wool or thread. It feels productive! I am currently using 9mm hooks and needles. Each ball of yarn will have recommended hook and needles size.

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