I wish for enough

giphyLadies and gentlemen, today, I have become the proud aunt of another nephew. In his first photo, he’s all little and wrinkly and gorgeous, wearing the onesie I gave him and bearing one of my favourite names. I can’t wait to meet him! I began thinking of all the things I would wish for him, all the cliches and the trite sayings I could whisper in his ear. And then I began to question them. And I wondered, what would I really wish for him?

I would wish enough. The same as I wish for myself.

Enough sunshine to keep me sane, not hot and bothered. Enough rain to wash the pollen away and make rainbows. Enough food to keep me healthy. Enough challenges to keep me buzzing, not stressed. Enough time with my loved ones. Enough money in the bank to keep a roof over my head, and food in the fridge, and books on my shelf. Enough travel to keep me in wonder. Enough home time to keep me grounded. Enough friends to keep me connected.

I don’t dream big or crazy. And where that used to make me feel like I was lacking, or missing a trick, I now feel content. Because I think my life ticks most of those statements up there. 

I have enough. I am enough. And I wish you enough.


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