Withholding the Whimsy

We seem to withhold a lot from ourselves at one point or another, depending on circumstances. Love, dessert, trust, sleep. I could go on.

What if we allowed ourselves the treats, the whimsy that makes life fun and colourful? Have we forgotten that generosity can breed joy? Buy someone else a cup of coffee today. Give someone flowers for no reason. Buy yourself that little treat you’ve wanted but has no real purpose. Except to make your heart happy.


I bought this perfect teeny-tiny cup and saucer on a leisurely stroll through the Sablon market in Brussels last Christmas. It was so perfect in its smallness, I just had to have it. I had a mental debate with myself and agreed that if it was less than ten euros, it was mine.

The postcard is from an assortment I bought from Ali Makes Things – she’s on instagram and her feed is inspiring. The notebook is by teNeues. I love almost everything they make and you can never have too many notebooks. Ever.

If you were to stop withholding the whimsy, would it make you a teeny bit happier, too?



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