This post isn’t about the Oscars…

If you read my last post, you will know I had a hard time deciding what to do about friends who were blowing hot and cold. So after some thought and your feedback, I decided to reach out one last time. Ask if we could meet up. Surprise, surprise, the responses were not unexpected. Of the three, the friend who has been good at staying in touch responded positively and immediately, suggesting dates and times, either with or without the kids. I had to prod the other two for a response, but we’ve finally settled on a date in April.

I appreciate all the support and constructive suggestions y’all posted in the comments of my previous post; I hate confrontation in any form and I am glad that I’ve found a resolution. Let’s see how we go. What I have decided to do is not pin my hopes on this ‘date’ panning out. DD doesn’t know that later that afternoon, we are boarding the train to Paris to catch up with our Bretonne besties – it’s a 10th birthday surprise, and one to sure delight! Well, as long as she doesn’t think about the motion-sickness too much, and just focuses on the people who love us waiting for us at the other end!

On a funnier note, I had to collect husband  from the dentist today – he had IV sedation for his wisdom tooth extraction and needed an escort home. Why he chose me is a mystery! You’d think after 12 years the man would know not to expect any sympathy from me. The opportunity for much mischief and merry-making chafed against the ‘Be-a-good-wife’ refrain somewhere deep in the recesses of my conscience. Of course, being Friday, mischief won out! However, I bought him salted caramel pudding and his favourite smoothie to make up for my demonic teasing. Just gotta make sure he salt water gargles and sleeps sitting up tonight, and I can release him into the wild again tomorrow. Wish him luck!

4 thoughts on “This post isn’t about the Oscars…

  1. joey says:

    Well good! 🙂 I’m glad you reached out. I hope your plans for April pan out and y’all have a wonderful time!
    I wouldn’t mind some caramel pudding — wanna meet up in the middle of the Atlantic? 😉

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