BFFs forever?

I’m attempting Belle Brita’s #LoveBlog prompts for February 2016. Today’s prompt is Best Friends.

What are the qualities you look for in a best friend?

Kindness. Honesty. Tolerance. Patience. A slightly off-beat sense of humour. A love of food and wine. Someone who cherishes books. An ability to laugh at oneself. Reliability. Someone who understands my need to go off grid sometimes, emotionally. Really, the same qualities I looked for in a partner.

Do you have one best friend, or many?

I’ve had many close friends over the years, and my inner circle hasn’t changed much in the last fifteen to twenty. Every one of my close friends ticks the boxes above. Some are mothers, some are not. But I would say Bretonne Bestie has probably been my closest friend for the last two and a bit years. I still have conversations with her in my head, and try and text her as much as I can. I can’t remember the exact moment we became friends, just that we did. I always felt comfortable in her kitchen, with a cup of coffee and one of her delicious baked treats. She’s like something classy and vintage that just fits perfectly, and feels like it’s been in your life forever.

My other bestie is Husband. I know, I know. CHEESY!

How has your idea of best friendship changed over the years?

I didn’t have real friends till I was about sixteen, but I think I would have had the same ‘qualities’ list at sixteen as I do now. I am still friends with most of my inner circle at age sixteen. And eighteen. And twenty. They know my stories. They know the evolution of me. We have a shared history. I love my friends because I can sit down with every one of them and pick up a conversation with them even if I haven’t seen them in months or years. Also, they put up with me and all my insanity! 

As does Husband. He drives me crazy most of the time, but he ticks all the boxes. And together we share the best story we’ve ever written: 

The best baby (about ten years ago!)

Who’s your best friend? 

Send them a text. Or an email. Or an inappropriate meme.

Remind them that they’re loved and important.


  1. I feel like I’ve mostly just added to my best friends over the years, although I admit I’ve grown apart from a few. I’m still best friends with my 3 high school besties, and 2 of them + me are a trio of best friends. 🙂

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