Virus All Access

We just about kicked the tenacious norovirus out, in time to welcome croup. Yes, DD (aged nearly ten) has a bout of the croup. The barking cough. The one sound that used to chill my blood because it guaranteed a Friday night trip to the emergency room, with a child wheezing herself to cyanosis alongside drunk teenagers and hobos, and once, a man with a broken bottle sticking out of his skull. True story.

This time round, Husband did the doctor visit and the pharmacist trip and I went to work. Work keeps me sane. They had a grand ole day watching Trump and Extreme Couponing. (I think I got the better end of the deal, frankly speaking.)

After over 36 hours house-bound, cabin fever set in. She determined that cheesecake and a visit to the jewellery section at the V&A were going to make her feel much, much better. So off we went. Three establishments were rejected for their visually inferior cheesecake before we finally purchased a slice. I then got a bite-by-bite critique. The child has been spoiled, gastronomically-speaking. She knows her food.

vandaartThings looked up once we got inside the V&A. I love the V&A. Apart from the stunning artefacts inside, the building itself is gorgeous. There is a beautiful courtyard in the middle, a perfect place to cool your feet in the fountain every summer, after having a slice or two of almond & cherry tart from the pop-up coffee cart.

DD and I took a quick turn about the fashion section – there is a glorious cherry-red vintage Dior evening ensemble that we drool over every time we’re there. It’s very reminiscent of his Bar suit from the late 40s – tiny waist, flounces of fabric in the skirt. Screamingly feminine (yet unwearable by 97% of the female population. Typical high fashion.)

We moseyed on to the jewellery section and tried not to raise any alarms this time by shouting out, “This one, let’s take this one!” every time we saw something we liked (most of the gallery). We showed admirable restraint when viewing the Londonderry jewels (so many diamonds) and puzzled over the lockets & brooches of hair (not our style) – and we even took turns at the computer designing our own rings.

So a lovely afternoon all round, possibly aided by the petite cherub’s hacking, emphysematous cough clearing a safe ten-foot radius everywhere. Good times.

How has your weekend been? Any fun germs you’re battling? If you’re looking for some Parisian-inspired short fiction, do read ‘The Abbesses of Montmartre‘, inspired by a prompt from yours truly.


  1. If there was a show “Trump and Extreme Couponing” I think what’s left of humanity would very well lose their minds.

    I’m just battling the normal winter germs wanting to gift me runny noses and scratchy eyes.

    Cheesecake just might make me feel better; I’ll keep you posted.

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      1. I’ve been spoiled by being able to make my own cheesecake but cursed to ill afford the ingredients every time I want one.

        My sister does Extreme Couponing, but loathes the show for giving couponers a bad reputation. She uses all the stuff she gets to make care packages for soldiers overseas and the homeless / women’s shelters. Sometimes the stores even end up owing her money!

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  2. You’ll have to tell me how DD got the croup, as a pediatric NP at an urgent care not so politely informed me that the “cut off” was age 4, when I took 5-year-old LM in with the same croup symptoms he’d had every other time. That was quite a conversation!

    Glad y’all are feeling mostly better. We’ve had the stomach flu in our household for about two weeks now. Everyone but Little Man, and BG got it three times.


    1. That’s ridiculous. 75% of the time it’s a virus, usually flu. Raspy breath, barking cough. All kids are vulnerable, especially in winter. How can she not know this? Shocking. DD was prescribed steroids again, and she seems to be managing well. We’re binging on Netflix.

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