ID, please…

It was another frigid day at work. The heating was off for the second day in a row, and we all looked like a bunch of vagrants, layered in whatever we had brought with us and other random bits lying around the office (blanket samples! tea towels!). It’s a good thing there wasn’t a hot water bottle in the sample pile or there might have been a bloodbath!

Having belatedly remembered on the way home that it was my one-year anniversary as a blogger – but more on this later, don’t get distracted – I decided a celebratory/survival bottle of wine was in order.

I brought my purchase up to the single manned till (don’t get me started on self-service checkouts)….and then this happened….

IMAG0406Checkout Lady: (scanning bottle) Could I see some ID, please?

Me: … … 

Checkout Lady: I need to see some ID or I can’t sell you this bottle.

Me: … …

Checkout Lady: Listen, the law says if you look under 25, I have to ask for ID. It’s the law!

Me: (almost sobbing) You think I look younger than 25?!

For you new followers (Hi!), you may not know this, but I’m almost 38. And I was looking pretty sad today. So even though she was probably lying, I didn’t care!! 

I GOT CARDED. BOO-YA, as the young ‘uns say.

And happy anniversary to me. More on this later. I’m too busy looking young & irresponsible right now.



  1. Happy anniversary! One year, already! Of course, I’ve always thought you looked young, but I get excited when I get carded also. I get carded more in my hometown than I do in the larger town where I work, which makes no sense. Theoretically, these people have known me all my life so they should know I’m about to be 33! They are probably just drunk, though. I am so happy you’ve done so well on your blog this year. Some days, I miss blogging, but then I remember that now I have two full time jobs and I just pour another glass of wine and that goes away. I start teaching on campus for the first time tomorrow, so I’ll be needing a celebratory glass (bottle) of wine for surviving that!

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      1. Thank you! I appreciate your support and your toasting. I miss you, too. That is what I miss about blogging is the interaction with a handful of fabulous bloggers. I signed up to get three blogs sent to my email, but though I’ve been reading posts, it didn’t occur to me that I could still comment on them. I am a natural blonde, you know. I’m hoping I’m not taking dregs straight from the bottle after class. I am replacing a guy who has been there since 1988 and who I personally saw fall asleep standing up whilst lecturing about Latin American history…so surely I can’t do worse than that!


      2. Oh, no…certainly no Latin America for me. My speciality is US history, particularly the history of sexuality and 19th century women’s history. The online classes are US history to 1877 and the on campus one is US history since 1877. I learned squat in that Latin Anerica class from him!

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