Thursday Thanks


Today, I am so grateful I got to walk through central London with DD, taking time to admire the architecture, like the beautiful Royal Courts of Justice, and just soak up some pre-Yuletide atmosphere. 

This is officially the last day of calm before the storm of holiday mania and panic buying; the UK has embraced Black Friday with fervour, even though Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday here. I am also grateful for online shopping which enabled me to do almost all of my holiday shopping, so that I can look forward to a wonderful and relaxed Thanksgiving/birthday celebration for Husband this weekend. 

I’m thankful for many things, but this year, most especially for the incredible blogging community which has welcomed and supported me over the last ten months. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. You’ve kept a girl relatively sane.

Now…if you only got to keep one Thanksgiving food for every Thanksgiving to come, what would it be? 

18 thoughts on “Thursday Thanks

  1. joey says:

    Today was a lovely day, with the Thanksgiving and my birthday all in one 🙂
    I like the online shopping too. I do not like shopping, let alone crazed, violent shopping!
    It’s really hard to choose just one food to keep…Perhaps the corn pudding. I really enjoy the corn pudding. Or maybe the frozen cranberry salad, that’s like a party in my mouth. But then, pumpkin pie…

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  2. Julie M says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! I noticed on some of the British sites that I frequent that they had black friday on them as well – I can’t say it’s a tradition that is a great one for them to embrace, though certainly a money maker! I’m with you on doing the buying online (hence the British site surfing!)!

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