Things Kids Say: Thursday #3

School picture day, that annual event which causes a fair amount of entertainment in this household. DD always threatens to pull some hilarious poses, and I’m never sure until the proofs come through.

The morning of picture day dawns, stormy and grey.

comics-151341_1280DD: Hey, Ma, can you help me with my hair, please?

Me: Sure, what were you thinking?

DD: Well, 40s pin curls.

Me: I think that might be a bit much to pull off this morning. Anything else?

DD: Yeah, how about that hairdo that Mia did for me on that shoot?

Me: Mia the professional hairstylist with two assistants?

DD: I’m sensing that’s a NO. What were YOU thinking?

Me: More like up or down. Ponytail or not.

DD: (eye roll & sigh) Fine. Good thing I have personality to make these pictures interesting.


  1. The girls had their pics yesterday too!!!! Pippa wore cat ears, naturally. FYI: I am also applying for a MAsters next year. Twin brains!!!! I’ll be sure to write a big long catch-up email as soon as I have a moment:)

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  2. You already know this, but your daughter is awesome.

    It is holiday pictures/regular school picture make up day at LM’s school. It is also Red Ribbon Week, where the kids have special ways to dress up each day. Today is mismatched clothes day. That could make for some interesting pictures.


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