Flâner in search of sugar…

It’s incredible to think that we started our flâner at the Eiffel Tower, lunched near Notre-Dame and swung by the Louvre, all in five hours. We continued our flâner towards the decadence that is Angelina’s Salon de The. Unfortunately, at least fifty other people had this idea at the same time, and they were all queued on the beautiful mosaic pavement. BB and I wisely decided to walk further on in search of hot chocolate & patisserie. This meant we had to wander through the very tempting Place Vendôme, the shopping zone for those with limitless credit cards. 

#cartier #paris #france #placevendome #jewellery
Not even I, jewellery Luddite, am completely immune to Cartier, especially when it’s this pretty!
#boulangerie #patisserie #paris #france #macaron #hotchocolate #erickayser
We ended up at Boulangerie Eric Kayser for some gooey salted caramel macarons and sinfully rich hot chocolate.

The children were now properly sugared up (yay, said no mother ever) and raring to go, so go we did. Up the road to the Opera Garnier, where DD seemed to realise she was on hallowed ground. Being there put her hours of dancing and mangled feet into perspective: “You think I could dance here some day, Ma?”  I don’t know, but summer school is definitely an option. I dream a dream…

And then, we were at Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann. There are actually three buildings, but we headed straight for the one with the rotunda. See why?

#paris #france #haussmann #galerieslafayette #shopping
You can actually take a lift to the top of the Galeries and have a wonderful view over Paris. We didn’t. The sugar rush was fading fast.
On the bus home, clutching the iconic Galeries Lafayette bag.



  1. I love Paris, been there once, it was spring season, so nice and beautiful. That macaroon looks so delicious…hmm. What was the best thing about Paris for you? 🙂

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