Amuse-Bouche #3: Autumn Gratitude Edit

I’m feeling grateful. We do a harvest festival in the UK (ours was Sunday), and it’s a sort of a precursor to all the North American Thanksgivings. All the singing and food always puts me in a good frame of mind to be grateful. To count my blessings. To give thanks.

Sarah’s blog post about Envy & Honesty really struck a chord with me today. How quick we are to accept a facade and assume all is well underneath. Her post reminded me to ignore the glowing updates on social media and actually ask my friends how they’re doing. Any excuse to send a postcard, really!

I’m thankful that E from I’m Strong Enough to Break has started a #ThingsKidsSayThursdays: read about the perception of hot girls from the mind of a second grade boy (hilarious!) or what my tween daughter thinks about the three wise men. Please join in and add your crazy tales tomorrow.

According to the weathermen, I can look forward to the coldest winter to hit the UK in 120 years. So lots of pretty white stuff which grinds London to a halt. Well, most weather does that, so nothing new really. I’m all for pretty white stuff and twinkly lights. Do you live somewhere that gets cold and snowy soon? Want to share your city with the world? Click here for more information.

All this promise of cold and snow inevitably means colds and man flu. So I’ve dug out a buttered bourbon cider recipe from the magazine archives (drool over the gorgeous image on the cover of Gathering below) – for medicinal purposes, honest! I’ve got other (non-alcoholic) ways of easing in to autumn, too, as does Jay from Running in My Head.

#bourbon #autumn

What are you grateful for this year? Your blogging community? Your health? A long-cherished dream come to fruition? If you’re comfortable to share in the comments, please do!


  1. Ah, Thanksgiving. I get impatient this time of year. The Canadians have theirs first, and it always makes me eager for ours. I seriously think I will do turkey dinner this weekend. Mmhm. I’ve done it before 😛
    Anything with bourbon, yes. Imma check that out!
    I am always trying to live in a state of gratitude. Today, I am most grateful for a cool, foggy morning. I took the dog over to the park for about an hour and we saw (and sniffed) all the things 🙂

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    1. Fer realsies? You were sniffing things at the park? My kind of weird. Bourbon turkey? I’m up for that. What’s the recipe? I’m grateful the fact that the underground network has WiFi so I can do this on my commute!


  2. I always feel Thanksgiving is a bit late in the U.S. But history and all that. When the air turns chilly and the harvest season is at its peak, that’s when I feel like it’s really thanksgiving. We should be grateful all year, of course, but I do love giving thanks in early autumn. It feels right. (Thanks for the heads-up on #ThingsKidsSayThursdays. Looks awesome and I have a lot of those…) 😉 Cheers.

    P.S. Bourbon buttered turkey would be amazing.

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