Coffee Cherry Tea (Cascara)

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I know, it’s slightly odd seeing ‘coffee’ and ‘tea’ in the same phrase, but stick around and you’ll learn that it all leads to caffeinated goodness. 

I didn’t know that the dried cherry skins (or husks), which are the by-product of the milling process that turns coffee cherries into the evenly dried green beans ready for roasting, are mostly sent to the compost pile when they can be turned into a delicious tisane (fancy French word for herbal tea) or syrup. The skins are called cascara, meaning skin, and they are rapidly developing a cult following thanks to the uniquely floral, yet caffeinated, beverage, they can produce. You heard it here first, folks! You can buy cascara online at HasBean in the UK or Verve Roasters in the States.

To make cascara syrup, you will need: 

45g cascara ‘tea’ (skins)
400mls water

Steep for five minutes in water that is just off the boil (200F/93C), stirring frequently. Add 2 tbsp of sweetener (I’m going to use brown sugar). Let cool. Bottle the syrup and store in the refrigerator, discard any remnants after 7 days. Use the syrup to make the fabulously fizzy drink in the picture.

To make cascara tea, you will need:

5g ‘skins’ for every 100mls of water, and follow instructions as above for steeping. Sweeten to taste.

WANT TO Cold Brew Cascara Tea?

Use 35 grams of tea to 250 grams of cold water. Place tea in water and let stand in refrigerator for 24 hours.

Excited? Willing to give it a go? Or just another fad? 

7 thoughts on “Coffee Cherry Tea (Cascara)

  1. rachelwhims says:

    I tried Rosewater once, thinking it would taste refreshing and natural. Turns out, it taste like my grandmother smells…like roses. Since then, I’ve steered clear of anything boasting of a floral taste. 🙂

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