Weekdays are exhausting, and weekends are exhausting!

Weekends are slightly less exhausting this autumn because DD has scaled back her activities on the weekend in order to take on additional ballet training during the week. This just means weekdays are a little more exhausting, so I could have done without the two school meetings this week (painful at the best of times, but worse because they were the first ones minus the Breton Bestie). Worse yet, the focus was the nuclear arms race that is Getting Your Child Into The Best State School in Two Years’ Time. I’m deadly serious. It’s cray-cray. But I’ll save that insanity for another post, and return to my weekend.

Our new routine on a Saturday is a lie-in, homework for all of us (well, doing accounts & expenses for the grown ups), then lunch, then DD to class and me to a coffee-shop to abuse the free WiFi and to catch up on the blogosphere.

This Saturday, I got itchy feet and chose to look for some new magazines to read. Clearly, my colleagues have set the bar very high, because I found nothing of interest. As in, zip, zilch, nada. I did discover Uppercase magazine online later last night, which I found quite exciting, but I really felt a little saddened by the fact that there’s so much crap out there to make us feel lesser, inadequate, un-shiny and imperfect. The experience left me feeling grumpy and jaded, but blessed to have the job I have, and to be able to help get some good content and material to market. Small wins.


Today was a little more emotionally charged. We were invited to a pre-farewell party for a good friend – yes, you heard that right. Pre-farewell. It was wonderful to catch up with friends we haven’t seen in a while and we even got party bags, but the sickening reality is, after 6 years, this friend has finished her term with her employer, and has to return to Australia. AUSTRALIA. That’s a whole different continent and a whole different hemisphere and a crazy-long flight to get there! This also means that Thanksgivings are going to be small, quiet affairs going forward (who da thunk that a mutual love of American holidays would bring an Icelander and an Australian together?). She’s the ‘aunt’ that DD has had most contact with over the last 6 years, so DD is sad, too. As much as I love where I live, I’m getting too old and cranky to make new friends now. The old ones fit me just right. Sigh.

So for now, I’m looking forward to seeing the Breton Bestie in three weeks (cue a rendition of ‘I Love Paris’) – we’re going to walk, and talk, and I’m going to enjoy the wonder of my daughter discovering Paris. I can’t wait to see her face when we she sees Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and Galleries Lafayette for the first time. When we return to London, we’ll have my ‘second’ parents visiting from the States for a few days. I haven’t seen them for five years so this is a treat! And then we’re having  a final Thanksgiving/family dinner with DD’s honorary aunt. Did y’all not know London Thanksgiving falls between Canadian and American Thanksgiving? Heathens! 😀

What do your weekends look like? Who bears the brunt of chauffeuring the family to clubs and activities? Any good magazine recommendation (digital or print)?

9 thoughts on “Weekdays are exhausting, and weekends are exhausting!

  1. Josh Wrenn says:

    No good magazine recommendations. I’m sorry your friend is leaving, and I know what you mean about making new friends. My weekends are usually pretty varied. Sometimes they are shut-in things, and sometimes they are go out all night things. Today I am on again-off again cleaning.


    • Petal and Mortar says:

      Cleaning sucks. I hate dusting. It’s so pointless because you just have to do it again 2 days later. I’d love to have a weekend with no laundry or homework supervision. Just books, coffee and cake – all brought to me by a topless man with cheesegrater abs. I can dream, right? 😀

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  2. Julie M says:

    I think our weekends look very similar except we’ve managed to avoid sports on the weekends. I always intend for them to be catch up on my blog, photo albums, etc, but somehow that’s a fail. And this weekend, we too, had a goodbye dinner. Our friends are moving to Qatar. It’s not Australia, but nor is it exactly a vacation destination! Sorry to hear you are saying goodbye again but happy to hear you are off to Paris soon!!!

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  3. joey says:

    Our weekends are peaceful. Generally.
    We’ve been quite clever at leading our children to do things that do not involve a great deal of competition or travel. Like, local soccer, not travel soccer — orchestra instead of band, that sorta thing. Kinda because we’re selfish and kinda because we have four kids and kinda because we’re big on academics. We do taxi the girls around to social events on weekends, but Moo was asleep by 8 on Friday, Sassy took a two-hour nap on Saturday, and I got loads of housework and projects done, at my own pace. Yesterday, we slept through church and ate pancakes and never even took our pajamas off. Those are the best weekends for us.
    I was an only, and a very busy only, like DD. I have no complaints 😉
    I’m sorry you’ve said goodbye to yet another friend! Rotten luck. 😦

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      • joey says:

        If she’s anything like me, she’ll eventually seek out rides with friends. I didn’t slow down until I had the third kid.
        I remember being glad the boy wanted to quit scouts. It was every Tuesday night FOR THREE HOURS and every weekend a journey of some sort. Then it got really complicated, splitting up, one parent here, one parent there, who can take the baby? Gah.

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  4. Lucy Camp says:

    My first weekend in awhile after my busy time at work – Spring will be springing in South Australia this weekend and also it is a public holiday so I intend to do NOTHING. Having said that there are still chores to do 😦 At least we have finished with the weekend running-the-kiddies-around now – Yay!!

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