Facebook, Facebook, on my wall…

I finally have a Facebook page for Petal & Mortar! It’s just nicer to be able to post to a space that won’t bombard my unsuspecting friends (though you think they’d know me by now!). And everyone knows it’s not official till it’s Facebook official. Totes.


If you follow me on Twitter, you’re going to see my handle mentioned in some tweets by Belle Brita, Jessica Lynn & Casey Cote – I won an amazing giveaway and the prize was sponsorship!

I’m excited to interact with some new readers. I treasure the friends I’ve made already, but I’m definitely in my comfort zone and need to stretch a little more. (What I really mean is, I’m too lazy to search out new blogs on my own and I just find it easier to check out who has checked me out)

So come say Hello, and leave me your Page link if you’ve got one. 

Happy Friday! ❤

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