Amuse-Bouche #2

Where would I be without the wonders of #ArchiveDay, #WeekendBlogShare and #SundayBlogShare? I have truly enjoyed catching up with all the posts I didn’t get to read on my holidays (what is up with the WP reader on smartphones?!)…if you enjoyed my round-up in Amuse-Bouche #1, check out my recommendations for #2.

Baby Girl…you look fine – I do love Karen’s writing style. She tells it like it is.

Feeling like you’ve lost your inner child? Check out Amy’s post, Release the Child within. Or just imitate my daughter in Happy Holidays.

Suzie has some wise words about analysing and managing blog envy.

If summer has been a season of indulgence – try out Vicky’s Sugar-Free September group.

And if you’ve never used Craigslist, you might NEVER after reading Hollie’s epic posts.

PS If you’re on bloglovin, come say hello!

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