Anniversary Milestone #tbt

So yeah, like…eleven years ago, I met this cute, but obnoxious guy at a barbecue. He sort of grew on me. We moved in together, and got engaged and bought a house in quick succession. Then ten years ago, there was an epic party (the second of three!), and I wore a pretty dress, and a tiara, and everyone gave me presents! It might have been marginally more epic if Husband had worn the tiara and dress, but that’s a whole different post. There was lots of this, too….


Ten years later, we’ve moved in & out of three homes (and lived to tell the tale), done some travelling and have created and sustained one amazing child … we both have less hair and the bank balance is not where we thought it would be, but my circle is complete. We’ve survived the bad years, the truly awful years and been grateful for the good times (of which there have been many, mostly because we have the same atrocious sense of humour and can laugh at anything).

The sun is shining today and I’m going in search of some carrot cake, just like we had at the third party. A big thank you to our friends who celebrated with us ten years ago, and to all the friends who have supported us along the way. I’m renewing the option on this stubborn cutie for another ten years. If you want to know what he thinks, read this post 😀


Let loose here....

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