Just as Long as we’re Together

Most of you know that my Breton Bestie has been re-patriated to France last week. There was a tearful farewell on four sides (BB’s daughter is DD’s bestie). But the first moment that it really sunk in was when I had to put down an emergency contact a few days later for DD, and automatically put down Breton Bestie’s name. Which I then had to cross out. Boy, that hurt. I actually had to take a moment to compose myself.

In the five days she’s been gone, we’ve had a Skype chat and I’ve drooled over her beautiful Parisian Haussmann apartment. We’ve used messaging apps. But it’s finally sinking in that she’s gone. She’s really gone.

We both know what it’s like to be expats, to raise expats, and the extra effort that goes into maintaining ties and bonds. We’re both working mothers, corporate wives, raising hormonal tweens… but you know what, I think we’re going to do it. For two years, she has been my reality check, my irreverent partner in crime and my sounding board. She was my first blog follower, my champion and the slap upside my head when I needed it. That, my friends, is gold dust.

#bestie #best #friend

So today, I am grateful for social media, and messaging apps, and Skype, and everything else that is going to keep me connected to BB. I’m so grateful I have a BB.

Who’s your BB? Send them a text. Or an email. Or an inappropriate meme. Something to make them remember that they’re loved and important.

13 thoughts on “Just as Long as we’re Together

  1. Chelsea is my BB and I’ll give her a call today. I can’t imagine being separated like that…but if someone is going to be re-patriated, at least she’s doing that in France, which is probably a kick-ass place to visit!

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  2. I’ve been so close and so far from my BB the last 30 years. More often far than close, like 1300 miles and 800 miles, so I totally understand how you feel. In our school girl years, we were too far to walk or cycle, but in our early 20’s we lived two apartment buildings from one another. Those were some good times!

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  3. Besides Tom, my BB Simon texts me most mornings to see what I’m up to and call me names 🙂 we can go for ages not seeing each other, but it’s as if we’ve never been apart when we do get together and I think if you try your best to keep in touch regularly however that may be, but don’t take it personally when there is a break all is good. Your friendship sounds extremely strong!

    Actually it’s a good job me and Simon don’t see each other too regularly we’d never stop eating, they’ll be a blog post in the coming weeks with a special cake just for him, with a rude name 😀

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