Guava-Coco Mocktails

It’s been a funny old mix of hot, then cool, then humid, in London-town. Definitely an odd start to the school summer holidays. We’re finally done with the merry-go-round that characterises the last weeks of summer term and I’m exhausted! The highlight of this week was surprising DD at her school’s awards ceremony yesterday; she had no inkling she was up for one. Her bestie also got one, so Breton Bestie and I were on camera and camcorder duty – #ProudMumsAreUs 😀

To celebrate her achievement, I created a delicious mocktail, based on one we both enjoyed at a dim sum restaurant recently. I was quite pleased with my efforts!

#mocktail #guava #coconut #coconutwater #exoticIngredients for 2 mocktails:

~1 cup / 250ml guava juice
~1 cup / 250ml coconut water
~A few leaves of basil, preferably Thai sweet basil
~A few leaves of mint
~A dash of lime juice

I don’t have a fancy shaker, so I just used a clean passata jar. I roughly tore the basil and mint leaves, poured in guava juice, then coconut water, added a dash of lime juice, and shook, shook, shook!

They were very delicious and more-ish….I think a hint of lemongrass, if you have it, would also work well. And I’m guessing a splash of vodka would also go down a treat, if you so fancy. Perhaps I ought to do some test runs, dear reader?

14 thoughts on “Guava-Coco Mocktails

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love the mocktail recipe today! Not so sure I’d add the lemon grass, though. Maybe, because I chop up the long leaves and use it in my brew for tea? Yes! VODKA is a great addition! Oh! to just sit relaxed, sipping on this gorgeous drink. With, or without, the Vodka!! Cheers!

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  2. Mother Mands says:

    I have a fancy shaker, so it’s only polite that I have a bash at this 😉 It sounds delicious anyway! Alcoholic or not I’d drink it. I’m not a big drinker, but do love a cocktail and we flavour our own gins and vodkas (we have an air still * heard that!) with various fruits, so this combo with some fruity booze would be great 🙂


  3. DomesticatedMomster says:

    I am going to have to make this for my kiddos. Especially since my basil is taking over half of my garden box. I have been using it in recipes all week. Even made a salsa using it instead of cilantro that was quite tasty. What a great mum you are for making your little feel special! Thanks for linking up with #foodpornthursdays.

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