Sunday Funday

It’s been a quiet old Sunday. I spent a good chunk of today reading The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks. I loved it. I loved the fallibility of all the characters, the back and forth, the tough choices, the different sides – so many stories, so many forks in the road to end up where they did. I needed a break from all the heavy stuff I’ve been reading recently, and this was perfect. Like a tall glass of sweet tea on a sticky, humid day.

Speaking of sticky and humid, I’m starting to worry about the holiday next month. Although the Breton Bestie has convinced me that there will be sea breezes, I am not convinced. One afternoon in London sunshine is enough to give me a raging case of heat rash; ten days in proper French sunshine? Lobster-red with tiny bumps of angry skin. Sod the Vitamin D, I will be SPF 50’d the whole way and spritzing myself in Evian.

bread-399286_1280The other worry – it’ll be my first trip to France since the  death knell on all glutinous goods. What am I going to eat? Half the joy in going to France is all the bread and patisserie! It’s going to be odd eating cheese, meat and cornichons with no bread. No brioche or croissants for breakfast. No patisserie AT ALL. Never mind the supercilious looks I am going to get when I try to say, “Je suis allergique au blé”. Thank heavens for macarons. I can still eat those!

Which brings us round to to ‘beach body ready’ question. There seems to be a resurgence of the original posts from a couple of months ago, totally slamming the whole concept of the beach body premise. I have to admit, I am entertained. Mostly because in Europe as a whole, the concept of the ‘beach body’ is a whole lot more open to interpretation. I’ve seen old Sardinian men playing chess in the piazza in budgie smugglers (that’s banana hammocks to some folk), no worry about the sagging or hirsuteness. I’ve seen their wives in bikinis on the beach, their bodies testament to the many children they’ve borne and raised. Their main concern is if there’s enough to ‘mangia’ all day, and that the bambini are out of the worst of the sun. That’s not to say there aren’t stunning specimens in skimpy beachwear on European beaches, it’s just that on the whole, they appear to be in the minority and everyone just gets on with the sun-worshipping. 

Given what I said earlier about heat rash, I am clearly NOT going to be sun-worshipping. I will, however, be hanging out on the beach in the cooler hours, or going down the waterslides with my daughter (that’s a lie, but we’re going to pretend it’s a possibility). And for this, I will need to clad myself in something appropriate – enter all the amazing retro swimsuits I have been admiring, for women with curves. I’m going to pick some lovely jewel tones, channel Dior, slap on some large sunnies, and enjoy my vacay. My life is too darn short and bread-free to worry about what someone I might more than likely never see again thinks about the size of my derrière.

How has your weekend been? Read any good books lately? What do I need to have on my Kindle?


  1. Amen!! I have the same problem with the sun – I get an angry rash as well. I love your take on the beach bodies. It is so true. I have to remind myself because even though the majority of people on the beach are what you described, I tend to focus on the 1 or 2 that are the exception haha. Oh well, I am going to keep your post in mind next time I go to the beach. Enjoy.

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  2. I haven’t read that Nicholas Sparks book but I’ve quite enjoyed some of his others. I tend to read a few heavier ones and then a fluff one in between. I very much loved “And the Mountains Echoed” by Khaled Hosseni that I read recently. One of my all-time favorites is “The Tender Bar” by JR Moehringer, I’d highly recommend it. I don’t know if you’ve read “Let’s Pretend this Never Happened: a Mostly True Memior” by Jenny Lawson but it made me howl with laughter. As soon as I finish these exams, ugh, I will try to dive in to my current read “The Secret Life of Violet Grant” by Beatriz Williams.


  3. I’m reading Arsonist by Sue Miller, so far so good.
    I don’t believe in beach bodies, I believe in the bodies enjoying the beach. I got a kicky new vintage-looking suit, and I sure made the most of it 🙂
    We did the beaches in the am, and the pools when they were partially shaded, am or pm. It was nice.

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  4. Stay away from The Best of Me movie. It was awful. Sam loves Nicholas Sparks movies, but after shedding too many tears decided to stay away from them and I messed up and forgot how The Best of Me really ended, which upset him.

    Hope y’all have fun on your vacation. I hear ya about dealing with the heat–I’m usually lurking in the shadows, avoiding that vitamin D that I’m told I need.

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