Caffeine-Free Coffee Share #4

Did you know you can cold brew tea? I didn’t! So I had to give it a go. I cold-brewed a lemongrass & green tea blend in one jar, and a black tea with mango and dried rose in another jar. I used half a teaspoon of loose tea per 500 mls/18 fl oz of room temperature water, and then popped the jars in the fridge overnight. The results were delicious, and research on this method suggests that the caffeine and ‘bitterness’ leached into the brew is a whole lot less than hot tea, so you need less sweetening. Score! Here are some fantastic instructions from Samovar Tea if you need a step-by-step guide.

I’ve heard you can do this with coffee, too, and now that the weather in London finally seems to resemble summer, I’m going to give it a whirl. Might impress some of my new colleagues with my skills. Two weeks in, and I’m just about settled into my job! It’s a good place to be. There’s so much I don’t know, but the learning is ridiculous amounts of fun. I have a deeper respect for the sweat and effort that goes in to producing a monthly magazine. And I even got a chance to go to a show with the team; seeing how much people enjoy and appreciate the magazine was such a buzz.

Tempering the buzz is the return of the excruciating pain in my hip. It’s only been three months since I wrote this post for Photo101, so gleeful about the lack of pain. Time to consider some serious medical intervention when the pain is affecting my mood and what I do! Perhaps I should join some of my new colleagues at lunchtime yoga? Any and all suggestions welcome at this stage; I really would like to get off this roller-coaster of fire-fighting various symptoms.

I’ve just about got a handle on my diet and what I can and can’t eat. There’s a great little Turkish deli near work, and they take great joy in offering me a new selection of gluten-free lunches every day. I’m sure most people in line behind me think I’m trying to get ‘beach body ready’, rather than fuel my body with foods that won’t poison me, but I don’t really care when I’ve got my mouth full of delicious lemon-grilled chicken and home-made tzatziki. I’ve never been beach-body-ready (unless you count exfoliating  my skin and painting my toenails), and I’m not about to start now.

If I had a wish list for my holiday this summer, it would read like this: 

  • Being pain free, with all conditions in remission, leaving me able to explore with my adventurous family
  • Being warm enough for my bones to soak up enough sun to give me a happy glow, and ditch the Vit D pills
  • Discovering local delicacies, finding some new recipes
  • Having a magical unlimited supply of cold-brewed tea on tap
  • Finding comfortable swimsuits that don’t ride up, roll down, bag or sag, in some happy colours – turquoise, cobalt, coral, mango?
  • Relaxing with my husband and daughter, unplugged from our gadgets for as long as we can
  • Writing, really writing, and letting all the characters I have grow and develop into real people fit for a book!

What’s on your list for the summer? Know where I can find my dream swimsuit? Tempted to cold-brew some tea? 


  1. Some iced tea sounds lovely right now as I’m currently baking in the sun at a baseball game. I’ve not really ever experimented with flavored teas or cold brewing. I like the caffeinated regular iced tea with lemon…but, I’m trying to make better choices in terms of diet so I may look into flavored teas to keep me from drinking diet soda or even wine. I just drink water or wine at night so a decaf would be nice. I realized Wednesday (thanks to our lovely health incentive computer thingy) that I’ve gained 20 pounds since starting at the hospital. Not cool! I’m certainly not beach body ready!


  2. I did not know that how great I will give it a try when I come back from visiting family. I love that you hardly need to sweeten it and will try it out on hubby next time he is home.

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  3. I’ll stick to my iced coffee. Tea and me do not get along. I even liked the taste of one kind but think I was allergic to one of the ingredients.

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      1. Yeah. It is okay, but I have my favorite which I (or Hannah) make every day so I just go with that,


  4. I want to try cold brewing my green decaf tea with mint. I keep meaning to buy a jar just for this, but I keep forgetting!
    I have done cold brew coffee, and I love it, but it’s a bit high-maintenance to keep up with.
    I bought a $23 red maillot swimsuit on Amazon last week, and I freaking love it! I think it’s my fave now 🙂 Check out Cocoship on Amazon, cheap enough to have several colors!
    Happy weekend to you & yours!

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  5. I’ve heard about brewing tea like that but haven’t tried it yet. I have the jar so I’m going to try it today.
    My daughter just told me about doing something similar with oats – you can put equal parts oats, water or milk banana, peanut butter, or really anything you like, leave it in the fridge over night and it is ready to heat and eat in the morning. Can you eat oats?


  6. I haven’t tried cold brewed tea, but I do use that method with coffee. However, I take some of the brew and mix with water and heat it. It makes for a smooth cup of coffee.

    Bathing suit? Never. My summer is filled with home renovations and I love it.

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