I love my new job! I am working with some talented, funny, interesting people! I am surrounded by beautiful images and boxes of books and magazines. The office is tiny and can barely contain 8 of us, but it’s a calm creative space. I cannot believe how lucky I am!

Conversely, I took a panicked call from Husband today. He has been overseas for over a week, he’s stressed, tired and a little frustrated. I know this is normally how he gets at the end of a project, but this is his first without someone backing him up. He’s on his own. All I can do is offer moral support via Skype. And feel terribly guilty that he’s working this hard to give me a chance to see if I can change careers.

He says that I run the family and it’s probably true, but he’s the Rock my Church is built upon. He is my touchstone and my keystone. So today, dear reader, this post is for my husband. You got this, handsome. Your girls love you. You’re my people no matter what happens next. We can’t wait for you to come home so we can shower you in hugs and kisses. And sometimes, good enough IS enough.


  1. You are very blessed to have a rock to lean on, to support and be supported by. Kudos to him and to you for making it work and taking the risk to find what speaks to you. So glad to hear your job has been a success! Congrats. šŸ™‚

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