The Love-Hate Challenge

One of my favourite bloggers, Hollie de la MyBlogIsMyBoyfriend, tagged me to participate in the Love-Hate Challenge. I only know this because I get e-mail updates from my favourite blogs, rather than just relying on the randomly selective Reader. Boo, Reader! The rules are simple enough. List 10 things you love, 10 things you hate, and 10 nominees. Here goes…

10 things I love (in no particular order):

  1. A book which grips me!
  2. My best friend aka The Husband
  3. Our daughter
  4. My clean, white bedroom
  5. My really lovely white sheets – seriously!
  6. Soft, powdery sand beaches
  7. Laughing with husband and/or daughter
  8. The smell of the honeysuckle outside my bedroom window
  9. Lemon anything
  10. Cold, fizzy wine

Things I hate (again, in random order):

  1. Gluten
  2. Wasps & flies
  3. Tourists in central London during rush hour
  4. Warm wine
  5. Bad grammar
  6. The smell of salmon cooking
  7. Housework
  8. Filing documentation
  9. Grey, misty non-rain that makes you gloomy and your hair frizzy
  10. People with no sense of personal space

My nominees:

  1. Mother Mands
  2. Shy Little Pixie
  3. Fannie Frankfurter
  4. BrickHouseChick
  5. Fill Your Own Glass
  6. Shirley’s Heaven
  7. Rococo-a-gogo
  8. Waking the Wombat
  9. The Chymeera Diaries
  10. The Pickled Pastor

As always, those whom I nominated should not feel obligated to participate. Join in if you want, and if not, have a lovely weekend anyway!

14 thoughts on “The Love-Hate Challenge

  1. lovetotrav says:

    Just drinkin my lucke warm wine in the hott suummer while the samon kooks on the barbeq and the flyes buzzz around 🙂 (ha ha… all mistakes intentionally made – I am making myself smile at this ridiculous comment) Seriously, I loved your list! Clean and white just go together so well. Wish I had more of both in my house!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mother Mands says:

    I’m sure my email subscriptions to sites don’t work, I seem to miss everyone’s posts! I’m doing the rounds at the moment, and just spotted this post 🙂
    As much as I love the idea of a gorgeous white bedroom, it could never work in my house. My husbands job is fairly dirty and unless I hosed him down constantly…well white wouldn’t be white for long 😉

    I’m afraid my list would be a little depressing at the moment, so I’m going to sit on that one for a bit, but thanks for linking me up! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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