Caffeine-free Coffeeshare #2

If we were having coffee, well, you’d be drinking coffee and I’d be drinking some delicious, fragrant Kusmi tea that the Breton Bestie brought me back from Paris. Two years in London and she still doesn’t trust the tea here. I’m delighted by her thoughtful gift, because as a newly-minted coeliac disease sufferer, I’m trying to be as kind as I can to my digestive self. Atoning for my previous gastronomic sins includes avoiding caffeinated drinks. It’s a small price to pay (or so I tell myself).

I’d tell you the other amusing conclusion from the labs done the other week is a shocking Vitamin D deficiency. As in, soft bones and teeth. Finally!! A sensible explanation for the creaking joints and cracked teeth (I’m sure grinding my teeth with stress didn’t help). So I am on mega-doses of Vitamin D to redress the imbalance. And I have to go sun myself for at least 10 minutes a day WITHOUT SUNSCREEN. Talk about living on the wild side! I intend to fully embrace this, once the English weather cooperates. Seriously though, when is this weather going to let up? Can we shunt some of this rain to California?

Speaking of California, David Anderson, a neurobiologist at CalTech, is attempting to create more specific treatments for psychiatric illnesses. How amazing would it be to walk through the rain with an umbrella, instead of feeling like you were stumbling through, slightly blind and bewildered, with a tarpaulin thrown over your head? Am I the only one who feels like this on meds? I can’t be! David’s research greatly excites me, for all the possibilities it opens up. Watch his TEDx talk here: 

I still have no clearer view on Bloglovin’ – check out all the comments on my last post and feel free to add your two cents/pence/pesos. I might just sign myself up and see if I can create a simple user guide, and work out the pros & cons. Anyone else want to join in?

What are your plans for the weekend? How are you feeling this week? Is it nearly summer or winter where you are?

21 thoughts on “Caffeine-free Coffeeshare #2

  1. lovetotrav says:

    Sorry to admit, but here in Canada (my part) we are into summer and off to check out the apple blossoms close by. I will have to check out Kusmi tea… as a tea drinker, never heard of it.. maybe that means I am not really a tea drinker, if I don’t know these things? We will try to send some sun your way. So far, we have enough to share!


  2. Jenni says:

    Well … since you asked : the weather has been scorching hot,for almost the last two months, in my part of the world. When I woke up this Saturday morning, and went to my balcony, I was in heaven, deeply inhaling the fresh smell of earth because it had rained (poured?) all of last night. And, it was so much cooler today. Hope this kind of weather lasts. Yes, UK, you can send us some of your cooler temps, and the rain! This unbearable heat is now difficult to live with!!


  3. joeyfullystated says:

    Thank you for addressing the vitamin D issue. We are all supposed to use zinc oxide and those of us who are fair are fond of hats and long-limbed clothes, but we are almost all of us vitamin D deficient. So ten minutes? Is that all? I may take up sunbathing my legs for 10 minutes a day…with my face safely shaded, lol!
    I think I’ll ask the dr about the D supplements.
    I’ve been free of my caffeine addiction for … 5+ years. It does alter my anxiety noticeably. I rarely have caffeinated soda, usually when we dine out, but I’ve avoided caffeinated coffee and tea since Dec ’10. It’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself.
    The weather is very warm here, but rainy a lot this week. Right now I can hear the thunder approaching.

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    • Petal and Mortar says:

      Ten minutes a day in direct sun, with as many limbs exposed as possible. I am the Queen of Sunscreen so this is going to be a radical shift for me. I would like to kick the caffeine habit, too. Maybe if I had a jar of coffeebeans to sniff, it would calm the urges?

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      • joeyfullystated says:

        It’s actually pretty brutal at first. I started making half-caff in the coffee pot by mixing each, and then slowly reduced the caffeinated grounds, in attempt to reduce the headaches. Initially, figuring out what to drink when I was “out” was a bit overwhelming.
        And trying to get idiot baristas to understand caffeine can kill people is pretty hard too. I’d know within minutes and I’d be furious. Can’t taste the difference, but I can totally feel it.

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  4. Anxious Mom says:

    I would say that you need some of this South Carolina sun, but like you, I also have a Vitamin D deficiency despite it being so sunny (and HOT) here.

    Glad to see the continued work on meds/mental illness. When I was taking the antidepressants before, I felt like a freaking zombie. Not so much with the mood stabilizers (yet).


    • Petal and Mortar says:

      I always felt muffled, and I wanted to claw my way out of my own skin, after DD was born. I am really glad that 9 years on, there is hope for better.

      Do you stay indoors a lot? I do. And when I’m out, I’m slathered in SPF 50 and no strappy tops.


      • Anxious Mom says:

        I’m out and about a lot, but no significant time in the sun I suppose. I’m really white so even if I put the sunscreen on and wear jeans and t-shirts I still manage to burn. The beach is always fun with me hiding in the shade under the pier 😄

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  5. Amy says:

    It is nice to figure out the things that can impact the way we feel, like the vitamin D deficiency. I get that pretty bad in the winter. Enjoy your tea. Your picture is beautiful.

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  6. shawn says:

    I love coffee, but I’ve had to cut back. My stomach no longer likes it. For the most part I’ve switched to tea. My wife doesn’t even like the smell of coffee, so I try really hard not to drink it around her. Glad to hear about the research, that was an interesting TED talk. Some of my favorite things to watch come from the TED series. Have a great week.

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  7. DomesticatedMomster says:

    It was the hottest day of the year here in Northern Nevada. We were outside doing lots of yard work for the past two days…no tv has even been turned on…which is kind of nice :). Sorry to hear about your Vitamin D deficiency …hopefully taking it orally will help.

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  8. April says:

    A great TED talk! I have a vitamin D deficiency and take a supplement. Not sure if it really makes a difference. I know what you are referring to while taking meds.

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