Happiness is…

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I’ve always feared my life was a carefully crafted house of cards, or Jenga blocks, waiting to crash about my ears at any second. Watching my daughter play the other day, I wondered: what if it’s not a house of cards? What if I’m more like a plant which needs hard pruning, before I can grow new ideas? 

With older plants (such as myself), severe pruning may be needed to remove old, worn-out growths (or ideas), or branches growing over windows (or thoughts blocking out light). Drastic shortening of long branches & removing sections of older stems may be necessary. My recovery will require the pruning of old patterns & beliefs. A careful approach is needed if larger branches are to be removed and where a branch is twisted, it may be necessary to trace back before removing it. See? Slow steps to recovery after a root-cause analysis. You’re aiming for a skeleton frame work of well-spaced branches, ready to shoot new buds & ideas, and develop new habits.

Last week, I was worried about my daughter being bullied. I got some incredible feedback from fellow bloggers. This week, the girls in question have started a club and excluded my daughter. She admits it stings, but she’s more relieved that she’s figured out how fickle friendships are at this stage. She’s 9 years old, and she’s figured this out? Instead of being angry, or sad, I’m so incredibly proud. She says she’s just going to make some more friends, expand her circle and keep having fun. Clearly, she saw these posters before I did! Her habit is happiness.

#happy #happiness #quote

13 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. Amy says:

    It is hard to watch our kids go through rejection and yet I found out over the years that they can learn to come out stronger. My daughter is an adult now and recently went through something at work that could have knocked her on her butt but she has learned ways to cope and not feel bad about herself. It makes me feel good to see that she has become a strong young woman.

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  2. lovetotrav says:

    Relieved to hear that she is “moving on” and finding more authentic friendships that will be positive for her. Girls at that age can be very hurtful with their cliques. It is very common at that grade level here in Canada. They do seem to “grow out of it” but during, I have witnessed many sad faces of those who “can’t” belong. It is fantastic that she is sharing with you what is happening. That is the most important – lines of communication stay open. You are obviously doing a great job parenting!

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  3. Anxious Mom says:

    She is wise beyond her years! LM has had similar struggles, but says he isn’t changing himself for anyone else. I wish I could have been as well adjusted at that age…or now.

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  4. brickhousechick says:

    That’s so impressive, what a wonderful little girl you’ve got there! Good for her. I agree that happiness and kindness is the way to go when someone is not nice to you. I have always used this tactic and have chosen the high road and most of the time it makes the other person stop to pause and not want to be the “bad” guy. It’s true that happiness is a choice and a habit.

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