Whelmed Wednesday

I had one bad migraine over the weekend and now I think the hayfever meds are getting me down (looking piteous). I am not feeling ‘one with the words’ today, so I’m going to do my post in the form of interpretive dance (tries to choose music, set up webcam to record…)

Sod that, you’re just getting photos today.

Anthropologie mug

My new pretty mug…in my favourite colours!

No, it's NOT too big for my face!

Does this mug make my face look smaller? Score!

I baked banana bread this morning. Recipe to follow…perhaps in the form of dance. I think the ‘peel & mash banana’ bit could be loads of fun.

Fellow bloggers, how are you feeling? How do you lift yourself out of a case of the ‘blahs’?

18 thoughts on “Whelmed Wednesday

  1. Lucy Camp says:

    I love your new mug too! I think I had a case of the “blahs” today – I didn’t do very well at the gym and I just sat on one of the weight machines leaning my head against it – eyes closed – did nothing – decided to go home instead! On the brighter side, today is hump day 🙂

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  2. lovetotrav says:

    Love your mug as well.. bright and cheerful. When I have the blahs… chocolate chip cookies and salt and vinegar chips (not necessarily at the same time though :)) and when that inevitably doesn’t work, I drag my body outside which does usually help. Take care and hope you feel better really soon.

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  3. joeyfullystated says:

    When I’m feeling blah, I stay with the feeling, soak it in bath, give it some nice tea or wine or whatever feels right.
    The cup is so chipper tho, isn’t it? Really cute and cheerful!
    I had no idea you needed your face to look smaller…

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    • Petal and Mortar says:

      Small faces are all the rage now! I’ve been sucking in my cheeks for ages but now the giant mug just takes away the effort. I like the idea of staying with the feeling instead of running away, which is my usual MO. I had the Wine.

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