TED talk: The Price of Shame

“Freedom of speech comes with responsibility of speech.”

I just watched Monica Lewinsky talk about the price of shame, and our burgeoning culture of online humiliation and apathy. I’m not ashamed to say I was crying halfway through it, empathising with her mother. Watch the whole talk here:


  1. My daughter and I just finished watching it. Such an eye-opening piece into what shaming does to all of us and how the media feeds it to the public and then we indulge and in doing so, hurt others. So happy to see that she has “survived” the shame and in turn, is helping others to see that they too can heal and be productive after the fact.

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    1. I checked the TED stats and the top 3 words used to describe the talk were courageous, informative & inspiring. I thought so, too.

      The part about her mother’s reaction really got to me. As a parent who’s had a child bullied, it is heartbreaking. V glad you shared with your daughter. Butterfly effect!

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      1. So true that it would be almost impossible to understand what she and her family went through. She has found her voice and her purpose and it will serve others in similar situations well. It also reminds us of what we do when gaze at gossipy magazines or read those kinds of articles on-line that are hurtful to others.

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