Oddities in the scenery

I always find fun in the differences, the unusual, the in-my-opinion weird. It’s what makes travelling enjoyable. Actually, the singing (male) trolley dolly started this trip on the right note (yes, I’m punny). But on y va, as my friend A-S says.  Let’s go!

oyster shells

Slurp the oysters and discard the shells, where they wait to turn into sand


A discarded crab catch. One CAN have too many!


Random stairway? No! Diving platform to tide pool. Amazing!

Off to have more fun today; a long walk along the seafront will have me cross paths with the sea rescue lifeguards in training, if we time it right! See you later!

7 thoughts on “Oddities in the scenery

  1. tjparis says:

    Such great shots here. I have enjoyed this post a while ago but did not get a chance to comment. I loved that tidal pool too! So amazing how the tide changes the whole scene daily and what a great shot! I wanted to swim in it but it was far too cold when I was there.

    So glad you enjoyed Cancale too by the sounds of it! It is a charming place and I loved how it just appears as you drive down to the sea.

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    • Petal and Mortar says:

      The scenery reminded us so much of the Garden Route in South Africa. I could swear some of the plants were the same. We were so lucky to have our friend take us places; those 4 days were packed with good times!

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