Architecture (A-Z challenge)

So we had a family trip to the Ideal Home Show this weekend, and my epic discovery was Robert Kahn of Pitch26, an architect who has turned his ink skills to incredible pieces of art. He does stunning black line drawings with coloured skies/backgrounds. I made the mistake of ummming and ahhhing and never decided on what I wanted, and now I can’t find the London drawings on his website. Vexations & conniptions!

The reason we went to the show was because for as long as we’ve been together, husband-person and I have talked about building our own home. I studied architecture on my first go-round at uni, and good design gets me excited. We are both very creative, despite our boring (paid) jobs. We lust over Pinterest offerings, moon over housebuilding magazines, have design apps on our computers, and have infected our child with the bug.

However, building our home is still 5-8 years away. If I had to buy a home in the interim, I would want it to look like this: Treehouse Apartments

Another new favourite is Bjarke Ingels, a Danish architect, whose work is luxurious, sustainable and community-driven. Bjarke is my kind of architect. Watch him in action here. If you want to read more about his methods & ideas, here’s the TED blog: Q&A with Bjarke EngelsAnd if you’re wondering how to say his name, the J is a Y…so it sounds like Byar-Kay.

He’s also written a  book about his manifesto, in comic book format – as ThatAnxiousMom would say, +1000! 

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