Expat holidays

Expats are experts at the little traditions we have to weave into life abroad to remind us of home. In ours, we have the 13 Icelandic jólasveinar, who make an appearance every year from 12 December (not sure who gets more excited about the little gifts they leave, daughter or husband). And our family birthday rituals, which include cake and hot chocolate for breakfast; yes, Icelanders love sugar!

This year, I turned the tradition on its head. We had not one, but two, cakes, for the 9 year old! An Icelandic marengsterta filled with salted caramel & cream, and a peppermint fridge tart, from South Africa. My darling daughter dutifully had a few bites of each before sweetly reminding me that she does not have a sweet tooth, and could she just have a cup of tea with some plain biscuits? Next year, I’m going back to the regular cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Why mess with success?

Birthday Collage

4 thoughts on “Expat holidays

  1. clara@expatpartnersurvival.com says:

    They sound delicious – I certainly would have eaten them if your daughter didn’t want them! It’s interesting because I think I have a sweeter tooth than my children too. it is something that comes with age or are we bringing them up differently?


    • Petal and Mortar says:

      She is a crisp junkie – Monster Munch & Prawn Cocktail are her faves. They make me cringe. I adapted the fridge tart by using rich tea biccies for the base, salted caramel, Lactofree cream (cuts back on the richness) and Aero biscuits.

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