Rotate Your View and Rewire Your Brain

I was reading this incredible article, Neuroplasticity: You Can Teach An Old Brain New Tricks, this morning, and I thought how apt it was for our photo assignment today.

Rotating our thoughts by being mindful of them can lead to new neural pathways and connections in our brain, which can hardwire us to react with happiness, peace & gratitude. Watching my daughter’s near-miraculous recovery has convinced me of what scientists have been saying for 20 years now: the brain is dynamic and can be re-coded, hence the term ‘neuroplasticity’. 

Today is my daughter’s birthday, and instead of wallowing and remembering the trauma of the day she was born, I chose to wallow in her happiness, her delight, her excitement at being 9! I’m anticipating her face when she sees that a long-wished-for book has just arrived. And you know what? I haven’t cried once today. It’s grey & raining and I’m feeling happy. How about that, elastic brain?

Rotate Collage

10 thoughts on “Rotate Your View and Rewire Your Brain

  1. Wow! That sounds great! I’m going to choose happiness, peace & gratitude every day, every moment of my life! And what a beautiful motto of your blog: Turn your can’ts into cans & dreams into plans. I realy love it!
    Nice meeting you!

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  2. abstract photo but what is it? is it something that i have to rewire my brain to understand it? 🙂 and happy birthday to your daughter! the blessings we receive are endless if we only know how to look for them.


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